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MAS Airlines

Malaysian Airlines is the airline of Malaysia. MAS is the short form of Malaysian Airlines. The airline started back in 1947 as Malayan airways. The name was later changed to Malaysian airline system in 1972. The present name is Malaysian airlines or MAS. The airline has its headquarters in Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport.

This airport is in the city of Subang, Selangor. The airline also has three subsidiaries. They are MASwings, MASkargo, and Firefly. Azmil Zahruddin is the current CEO of MAS. The airline got a number of awards from Skytrax. MAS operates a number of aircrafts, which include Boeing 747, Airbus 330, airbus A340, Boeing 737, and Boeing 777.

MAS has formed alliances with airlines around the globe. It is ranked as a 5-star airline. The airline has a number of programs for example the Everyday Low Fares (ELF) program. The airline has two other programs as well. One is Grads and the other is Enrich by Malaysia airlines. Enrich by Malaysia airlines is for frequent flyers.

This program allows the passengers to become a member of the airline and travel around the world with free miles, and also hotel accommodation around the world. The Grads program is for students above the age of 12. With the help of this program, the students can enjoy benefits around the world by being a member of Malaysian airlines.

The airline also operates a corporate website. You can pick from different deals that are available. Online booking can also be done and a travel guide is available at the online website. Different payment options are given at the website. In addition, the website offers packages for travelers. One can also book flight as well as hire a care and book a hotel from the website of MAS. Since Malaysia is famous for holidays, therefore Malaysian airlines offers travel deals for adventurous holidays in Malaysia. Couples can avail these packages and plan a cheap trip to Malaysia through Malaysian airlines.

The airline has many destinations around the world. It flies to China, South Africa, USA, Argentina, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, UAE, Lebanon, France, Germany, UK, Saudi Arabia and to the most cities of Malaysia. Due to some problems, the airline has terminated flights to a few destinations. The airline suffered low profits, but was able to recover soon. There were a few flight problems as well as only 2 crashes so far that included passenger fatalities.

The airline also offers services on ground like airport lounge and ground service. The airline has three cabins; first class, golden club class, and economy class. It also provides in-flight entertainment. Even though the airline suffered from unprofitability, still it was ranked second in top performing companies during the aviation week. The airline also has the record of some historical flights. One of its Boeing 777 flew from Seattle to Kuala Lumpur and then back to Seattle after refueling during a test flight. Try the airline for one of the best experiences of your life